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My name is Oseyagbón Oyakhilome and I am the most beautiful girl in school. 

I am the kind of girl that walks into a room and all heads turn to my direction. I hang out with the popular kids. I get any boy I like. I make ugly clothes look beautiful— including this cranky school uniform I am wearing right now.

No one, absolutely no one, can stop me from getting what I want.

My life is so perfect. 

Except for one little problem.

This is not my body. 

If I must say, my body is on the other side of the classroom, staring right at me with red eyes, a drooling nose and clenched fists, wondering what in the world I had done with her beautiful body. 

Inside that other body is the true owner of this beautiful body I am inside— Angel Jemide.

I stare back at her, guilt swelling inside of me as I mutter the words, “I’m sorry.” before she stretches out her hand to give me a resounding slap that made me do 360 degrees, returning me back to the place where this whole devious plan all began.

It started when Angel saw me reading Othello, a William Shakespeare book that we arts students were forced to read for literature. I was so engrossed in the book that I did not realize she has been sitting next to me for over five minutes, staring right at me with anticipation in her eyes.

“Ose.” She called my name when I finally looked at her, “Let’s switch bodies.”

I stared back at her, mute and confused. Why would a drop-dead beautiful goddess like Angel want to switch bodies with someone like me, a girl who had nothing to show for.

In this little part of Edo State we lived in, witchcraft was common. Although Angel was not from around here, she was familiar with our ways of sorcery. 

Like the Medicine of Souls.

The Medicine of Souls was a ball-shaped herb designed by our ancestors many years ago that allows two people to swap their souls into each other’s bodies. 

This sorcery was banned in our school and the Medicine of Souls itself was contraband, but some students still snuck in this herb to get advantage of one thing- deception. Be it to gain prefectship, or for exam malpractice, or for something as petty as wanting to kiss your inattentive crush through another person’s body.

Angel told me she had a crush on Bassey, our school’s head boy in SS3. He was two years our senior. But the problem was… Bassey was sapiosexual. He was only interested in super intelligent girls. Just like me, the girl who has never dropped from first position in class. 

Also, Bassey was a die-hard fan of William Shakespeare and any girl that read his books had automatically won his heart. And that was why Angel chose me of all girls to swap bodies with her to win her crush’s heart.

“Why are you going the extra mile to get this boy? You can get any other boy you want.” I said to Angel.

“It’s quality over quantity.” She responded, “He’s worth more than the thousand guys after me now.”

I told Angel to get lost and look for somebody else to toy with.

But she was persistent. Every day, she begged me to switch bodies with her for just one week. It was not like I was going to gain anything in return. 

Except… it was him. The boy sitting next to Angel right now.

My own crush— Solo Solo my king.

He sat there, trying to wrap his hands around Angel’s shoulder but she slapped it away and stood up to leave the class. But he still chased after her. And that was exactly what I wanted.

Solomon, my Solo Solo, was one of the most popular boys in our set and the finest living creature my eyes has ever laid on. Tall, caramel-skinned, buff, big pink lips and a squeezable ass.

But, he was Angel’s ex-boyfriend. They dated for three months in JSS3 and broke up during the summer vacation last month. There was no way in the world that Solomon would move on from dating a goddess like Angel to a fish like me.

Then it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I did have a chance with Solo Solo. All I had to do was one simple thing.

“Yes!!!” Angel squealed and hugged me when I finally agreed to switch bodies with her.

That night, Angel brought the Medicine of Souls to my bunkbed in the girls’ hostel, and we secretly followed the rules that made this sorcery come to pass.

First, we broke the ball-shaped herb into two and ate it. Then we muttered some incantations for ten minutes, making sure no one heard us through the dark, quiet room. Then we slept next to each other, holding hands, and waiting in anticipation for this soul-changing experience.

The next morning, as I walked into the dining hall for breakfast, all eyes were on me. Their gaze pierced through my skin as I walked pass their tables.

It was like I was floating in the sky and my face shining bright with light, like I was an angel.

Indeed, I was an angel… inside Angel’s body. 

Angel’s body was way different than mine. It was heavier and required more effort, being the most beautiful girl in school.

My chest felt heavy from the fullness of my breasts and my thick laps kept gumming together in this good-for-nothing tight uniform Angel wore every day.  My face felt a bit sticky from the unnoticeable Matte foundation, brown powder, mascara, and lip gloss Angel applied every morning to deceive everybody that she was a natural beauty. She was beautiful, but not as beautiful as the way the natural make up made Angel look.

Being in Angel’s world was completely different from mine. She got stared at wherever she went to. She was called ‘beautiful’ at least ten times in a day. She was never alone.

Angel got doors opened for her. She got extra meat for lunch. She was allowed to choose which chair to sit on in class. She was allowed to give an opinion without being cut off. She had countless school daughters that she barely remembered their names. She talked to at least twenty guys in a day. 

I never got to experience any of these things in my ordinary body. Especially when it came to the guy part. On a regular, I spoke to only two men in a day – my form teacher and the security guard that greets me.

All this showed that Angel had one thing that I didn’t have: Pretty privilege. 

But here was what I hated the most about being Angel: passing the hefty group of SS3 boys sitting outside the senior block. In my ordinary body, those boys would pay no attention to me when I passed by, and they would continue their conversation like I was an invisible spirit.

But when Angel, which was now me, and her two best friends passed by, they would block us and begin to “toast” us. I wouldn’t call it toasting because it felt more like harassment from their forceful tones. And all we had to do was smile and play along because if we didn’t… well, the rest is history.

One of the guys did not fail to joke about Angel’s famous lips. Angel was quite popular among the senior boys for not just having a thick ass, but for having “dick” lips. And that was something only the boys understood among themselves. 

When we left the ss3 boys, I could feel their eyes burning through our backs as they stared at our asses. Their stares made my skin crawl, and it was moments like this that I wish I could go back to being the invisible Ose.

Then there were other moments that made me want to live in Angel’s body forever. Moments beside by my king- Solo Solo.

During break time, he bounced into class, his eyes fixated on me and nothing else. One hand in his trouser pocket and the other brushing his short kinky hair with a mini shoe brush. 

“Angel.” He called out to me, coming to stand next to me by the classroom window.

I gazed at him, my heart thumping loudly in my chest like somebody was pounding yam inside me. He moved closer, almost making me to explode. He has never stood this close to my original body before. No guy had ever stood this close to me before.

“How body?” He asked in pidgin.

Me trying to act all fly, forgetting that I was Angel not Ose, responded, “Body dey inside shirt.” 

“Hmm, naughty girl.” He smirked, his eyes trailing down to my shirt, or boobs rather. He misinterpreted my wittiness for flirting. Another perks of being Angel and not Ose.

He moved his face close to my ear, causing me to suck my breath in, before he whispered, “Remember what those lips promised to do.”

I had zero clue what he was talking about, but I just played along and told him that the promise was still standing.

Later that night, Angel and I talked in the bathroom alone after lights out. For some weird reason, she enjoyed being in my body because she didn’t have to worry about back aches since I didn’t have big boobs pulling my body down.

I was quite offended because she didn’t understand how privileged she was to have the face and body she had. She didn’t understand what it was like questioning your self-worth because not a single boy had snuck a love letter into your locker.

Being thick was the beauty standard in this school. If you had nothing to show for it, be it breast or bum bum, you will be pushed aside.

And I had neither and I was pushed aside every single day. 

“I get body shamed for being flat and too skinny.” I said to her.

She scoffed, “I get body shamed too. They call me ‘dick lips’ because they say my lips is big enough to suck a dick. I hate boys.”

I rolled my eyes, “Just shut up. Your problem is nothing. You will never understand what I go through.” 

She looked taken back by my words before she said, “Just because our experiences are different doesn’t make my problems insignificant. If it hurts, it hurts.” 

Before I could say something, she asked, “I hope you talked to Bassey today?” 

Shit. I had forgotten the purpose of our body switch. Her crush.

She looked annoyed, “I didn’t ask you to switch bodies with me to enjoy the attention. If you don’t grab Bassey’s attention before the end of this week, it will not end well with you.”

And that was a threat from the Queen of Sheba herself.

The next day, I mustered up the courage to talk to the school’s head boy, Bassey. It was hard to get hold of him because of all the responsibilities he had and the one million people that surrounded him.

It was during siesta time, he sat alone in his classroom, reading another William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, The Tempest. One that I had read too, luckily for queen Angel. 

“Bassey.” I called out to him by the classroom door. 

He looked up at me before he exhaled, “Hey…uhm, Angel, what’s up?”

His tone didn’t sound inviting.

“I just came to keep our head boy company.” I sat next to him, but he moved a bit farther from me like I was an evil spirit.

The Tempest.” I looked at the book in his hand, “I swear this book is better than the overrated Romeo and Juliet.”

I began rambling about all the William Shakespeare books I have read that were better than Romeo and Juliet. I did it to impress Bassey, maybe this would make him more interested in Angel and my mission would be complete.

But from Bassey’s constant yawning and avoiding eye contact and only responding to “cool” to everything I had to say, just showed how uninterested he was in having any conversation with me- or Angel. Which just makes this Angel’s whole mission harder. 

And from the looks of it, something else was probably bothering him.

“Look, Angel,” He cuts me halfway through my babbling, “let’s just get straight to the point, hm?”

I looked at him in confusion.

“I know the last time we spoke you confessed your feelings for me and ran off.”

My eyes widened in surprise. Angel didn’t tell me about the confession. Or… did she just use me to escape humiliation?

“And I know you’ve been avoiding me for days.” Bassey added, avoiding my eyes, “I just want to be honest with you-”

“You don’t like Angel- sorry, me.” I finished his sentence.

He looked at me and nodded, slowly.

“You’re a beautiful girl, Angel. But you’re not what I want.”

I opened my mouth to speak then kept shut. I was speechless. So pretty girls do get rejected too?

After Bassey rejected Angel- not me, thankfully, I left the class without saying anything else to him. I wonder if Angel knew that she was going to get rejected and that was why she used me to switch bodies. But again, I wondered if she wanted me to push him harder by trying to impress him with my smarty pants and Shakespeare knowledge. 

But I didn’t want to push him harder. It was not my place, neither was it Angel’s. 

“Angel.” I heard her name.

I continued walking until I heard, “Angel.” again, then I remembered I was still inside Angel’s body.

I turned around to see Solo Solo waving and standing by the balcony of our SS1 block. My heart began to pound like yam again.

“Come here.” He gestured for me to join him in one of the SS1 classrooms, and I did. 

We were alone in the class, and we didn’t really say much to each other, until I asked him a question that has been pondering on my mind.

“What would you do if a fine girl says she likes you?” 

He shrugged, “I will knack her then serve her breakfast.” 

I frowned, because I knew he was not talking about food. 

He chuckled and elbowed me, “I’m just joking.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Why are you asking anyway?” He gave a teasing smile, “Are you trying to tell me you like me again?”

“No-” I stopped myself, because he wasn’t wrong, “And what if I did?”

He bit his bottom lips and placed his hand on the back of my neck, rubbing it slightly with his thumb.

“Then you won’t have to worry anymore.” 

He leaned in and kissed me before I had the chance to respond. His lips slammed so hard on my mouth that it almost crushed my teeth. I was about to push him away but it dawned on me that I would never get this opportunity again. Not even in my wildest dreams.

I tried to kiss him back but it was like his whole mouth had already overtaken mine, not giving me room to breathe. Damn, he tasted like the egusi soup we had for lunch. He slid his tongue into my mouth, the palm oil giving it a weird taste. 

He was rough. He was hungry. For Angel’s lips. He kissed me like he was eating agbalumo. Within a split second, his hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed them like one agege bread. 

God, this was not how I imagined my first kiss. Could he at least take it easy for Angel’s sake?

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and rubbed it on top of his zipper, almost causing me to shriek as I felt his hard rock under his trouser

He was moaning like one tired goat as he continued rubbing my hand around his zipper while kissing me profusely.

He finally removed his lips from mine and began unzipping his trousers hurriedly like someone that was about to piss on himself.

I sat there, frozen to move as he pulled out his rock– live and fresh. And very very huge.

“Remember what you promised to do with those lips.” He smirked, holding his dick in his hand.


The next day, Angel Jemide became the highlight of our school’s top gossips. 

Everyone was talking about Angel, aka me.

Because it turns out that “dick lips” wasn’t so dick lips after all. And Solo Solo had told half of the boys in the senior hostel that Angel’s head game was wack and that she had big lips for nothing.

Angel’s head game wasn’t wack. Slamming his giant dick into my mouth was like forcing an entire aeroplane down my throat. I was bound to choke to death.

The gist spread fast and now, I, we, Angel and I, are doomed. Forever.

Angel, in my own body, stormed into my class when she heard about the news of my terrible blow job skills on Solo Solo. Her eyes were red, filled with tears that were tired of falling. Her nose was running, and her breathing was so heavy that she could explode any minute from now. And in that moment, I knew I messed up big time.

She came dashing at me and rose her hand in the air before her hand landed across my cheeks, making my world spin into oblivion. That was the 360 degrees slap.

After the slap came punches that only Jesus himself could come down to save me from. Angel was quite violent and did not give me a second to explain. Until her two best friends pulled her away and began hitting her back.

It was then she realized that she wasn’t Angel, she was me- Ose. And she had no choice but to watch her two friends beat the hell out of her without them realizing that the girl inside that body was the friend they were defending.

Despite Angel was the one getting beat up, I was the one panicking. I felt the pain of their actions, but worse, their words.

“Who the hell do you think you are?! Ugly lepa!”

“Chameleon’s wife.”

“Frog face.”

“Anorexic bitch.” 

They all came after my looks because there was nothing else to attack. It hurt, it really really hurt.

I tried to stop them, but they pushed me away.

Until I screamed. They all stopped immediately and looked at me in surprise.

I didn’t know whether to confess that Angel’s body was mine, or to tell them that I was responsible for Angel’s slap.

Instead, I stood up and grabbed Angel out of the class and went straight to lock both of us inside the girl’s toilet. Angel tried to slap me again, but I was quick to grab her wrist.

“Angel, I’m sorry!” I apologized.

“Shut up! Shut up, Ose!” She fell to the floor and cried. “It’s been only three days! Three days since we switched bodies and you’ve ruined everything!”

“I will try to fix it.”

“Don’t do anything! You’ve already done enough damage.” She stood up and pushed me away from the door, “We’re switching bodies this night. I’m done living inside this your miserable body!”

She tried to leave the toilet, but I held her back.



“Bassey doesn’t like you.”

If looks could kill, Angel’s glare could have stabbed me a hundred times and burnt my body in a bush. She slammed the door, not bothering to comment about my last statement.

I knew she warned me not to do anything. I knew this was going to be my last day living as Angel. But there was one last thing I needed to do before I return to my original body.

“Solomon!” I stormed to his class as he sat at the back with a group of boys around him.

“Here comes expired dick lips” I heard him mumble, causing the other boys to snicker. 

I stood in front of him. He looked at me with that ugly teasing smile of his, “Has your sexy lips come to have another taste?”

“No, but my leg did.”

I rose my leg and slammed it on top of his dick, causing him to yell and fall back from his chair. 

All the other boys scrambled away in shock and looked at me, wondering what in the life-damaging world have I done.

“If anybody calls me ‘dick lips’ again, you go collect!” I threatened with my leg, causing the other boys to move back. 

With that, I left the class to do what I did best- cry. 

I felt so much shame and guilt for what I did yesterday. I thought it would make Solo Solo like me more. But it backfired in a way that I never could imagine. Screw boys.

I hid in the clinic for the rest of the day until night fell.

After lights out, Angel and I ate another Medicine of Souls and we had to sleep next to each other, holding hands. It was the most uncomfortable and longest night I had ever had because Angel and I didn’t see eye to eye anymore.

Angel didn’t get into trouble for stepping on Solo Solo’s dick. In fact, she got praised for it because many believed he deserved it for opening his dirty mouth in the first place.

Angel and I kept our distance after we got back to our original bodies. We were both still bruised up from the punches we received, but that was the price we paid for using forbidden sorcery. 

I am back to being the irrelevant and invisible Ose. But for some strange reasons, I am now content with it. I love being outside all the drama that comes with being little miss perfect and popular. If peace of mind is what I will get for being conventionally unattractive, then I will choose peace of mind any day. 

After all, the insults may come still come. But as my mother will say, “No one can insult you, you can only let yourself be insulted.” 

And it is only up to me to decide that. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. All characters, locations, organizations and incidents appearing in this article are fictitious.

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